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NCAA Football: Previewing the Weekend – Week 11

by Chris Lowery, Contributing Writer and LSU alum

No. 1 Alabama hosts No. 15 Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel and the Aggies of A&M travel to Tuscaloosa this Saturday to take on a Crimson Tide team who for the first time all season was tested. Could Alabama be on upset alert due to “Johnny Football” and emotional toll that last week’s victory in Death Valley took?

Not a chance.

If there is one thing I admire about that heartless, soul-destroying, dictator, jacka… I mean, Nick Saban, it’s his ability to have his teams ready to play following huge wins.

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Alabama is out for and still on course for a National Championship. And they’ll be damned if a freshman quarterback—albeit the SEC’s leading rusher—comes into their house and thwarts them of their desire. A lot of the attention in this game is being focused on Manziel’s ability to run as a quarterback, and rightfully so, considering Alabama’s defense is built on power and stinge while apparently lacking elite “speed” as a unit. This argument is cool and sounds great for ratings, but a look at the recent past reveals a much different scenario.

Against one of the most elite running quarterbacks in college football, Denard Robinson, Alabama held him to just 200 yards passing while intercepting him twice, all the while stifling “Shoelace” to just 27 yards rushing. Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace, another dual threat QB, was held to just 123 yards passing while rushing for only minus 14 yards.

In fact, and I hate to say this (I mean, it really pains me to say this), the only quarterback – or any offense for that matter—to have any real success against Alabama was LSU and Zach Mettenberger. The Crimson Tide defense, while appearing to be geared to stop a pro-style attack, typically has the most trouble against a pro-style attack such as the one LSU runs. Spread Option/ dual threat QB’s get chewed up and spit out by Saban and Co. This week will be no different. Just one more stop before that Crimson train clinches the SEC West before finally arriving at the crystal ball.

No. 5 Georgia at Auburn

The ‘Dawgs have quietly slid their way back into the top 5 after that embarrassing loss, 35-7, against a South Carolina team that I’m not sure exists anymore. The thing is Georgia clinches the SEC East with a win in this game and will most likely face Alabama after their done consuming Texas A&M. The only thing standing in their way is the laughable Tigers of Auburn.

On paper, this is a no-brainer. In reality, Georgia, due to some apparent inability of the coaching staff to get their players properly ready to play, plays down to their competition, and it’s not struggling in the first half then blowing them out in the second. No, they’ll let those suckers hang around until the final horn.

I expect about a ten-point game between these two, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Auburn pulled an upset or at the very least took this thing to the wire.

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No. 2 Kansas State at TCU

Due to the virus which first made landfall on the east coast (FADV—F’ All Defense Virus), and has since gradually moved east through the north and south, TCU is the last known defensive unit that Kansas State will face all year. After this they face Baylor and Texas, neither of which is ranked in the top 90 in total defense. Such a thing means that if the Horned Frogs fail to stop Colin Klein and the Wildcats, then we may as well go ahead and pencil in K-State- Alabama in the BCS title game.

While you’re at it, regardless of the outcome of this game, pencil in Bill Snyder as Coach of the Year, and also as one of the all-time greats, because what he has done with the K-State program is nothing short of remarkable, and he deserves every ounce of recognition as a coach and as a man.

No. 3 Oregon at Cal

I think this game could be more interesting than people are giving credit for. Yes, Chip Kelly and Oregon always win the games they are suppose to win.  And yes, Oregon, in the Pac-12, has looked like a juggernaut pining for a rematch against an SEC school. But something is always a little off when they play Cal. The last time the Ducks reached the National Championship Cal almost played spoiler, as they use to against Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans, before losing 15-13. Last year they were destroyed by Oregon, but there’s something about the Bears in that they lack the gene initiates fear and intimidation.

If I didn’t write something about that game, I could’ve just said, “Be sure to tune into the track meet taking place at 9:30 on ESPN.


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